Friday, May 18, 2012

Art from waste- Coconut shell painting

My daughter is enjoying her summer holidays. At times she is not interested in her regular games and so we are back to our craft work.

This time it is an art from waste- Coconut shell painting.

It is very simple.
  • Take a coconut shell and scrub the fiber around it and make the surface smooth by rubbing it with salt paper.( Children need our help to do this)
  • Apply a coat of white paint.
  • Let it dry. 

  • Draw any designs of your wish and paint it with the colors you love. I have used simple shapes, so that it is easy for my daughter to paint.  
  • I have used enamel paint. You can also use fabric paint, if so then, give a coat of clear varnish.
  • I have not painted inside, so the bowl can be used as snack bowl.
The front and the back view....

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Friday, May 4, 2012

A new dress

Little busy with some other work and couldn't concentrate much in sewing, blogging or other crafts, but I did some embroidery work. I made this dress for my daughter, after her birthday dress. Hope this suits for this hot summer... 

Sequin work with chain stitch and back stitch. The material is the blouse material which comes along with the saree. 

Details of the sequin work...

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