Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stocking flowers

Look at these flowers. Impressed by the beauty of the stocking flowers i tried this. The art of flower making is easy but maintaining it is not so.


These lovely parrots painted using sketch pens. The borders are designed using gliters.

Another glass painting

Here is another photo of my reverse glass painting. I used  fabric colors for this one.

Mock embroidery

This wall decor is made by thread work. It looks like embroidery, but it is very easier than embroidery. Just paste the threads to fill the design. you can use various shades of a color so that the flowers looks more beautiful.

Glass painting

This is my second reverse glass painting. The first one I made ended in a mystery . I used black fabric color for the outline. The closer view of it.

Beautiful roses

These are hand made roses with organdy cloth. I made these roses several years before. It took me m....any days to finish it. I have made many artificial flowers before but this one I love very much. I may post a tutorial if any one wishes..The flower vase was also made by me.