Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fabric roses from scraps

We all love roses. Isn't it? I too...this is what we made last week.
Fabric roses from Scraps
Believe me, these roses are made from fabric scraps

If you love this and want to make your own, then you will  require  
  1. fabric scraps of any length. Cut them 1.5" wide.
  2. flower making strings.
  3. green tape.
  4. matching threads
  5. Scissors.
  6. sewing machine(not shown in the picture). Just you have to sew a straight line and not more than that.


To make fabric tube:
The main step is to make fabric tube using the scraps. You can do this in two methods. I have explained both the methods, you can follow which ever is easy to you.

Method 1: 
step 1:   
Fold the scrap 1/4 inches on both the sides and press them                                   

 step 2:
Again fold it as shown in the figure and press it.

step 3: 
Sew a straight line along the folded edge. Now the fabric tube is ready to make the rose.

Method 2:
 step 1:
 Fold the scrap and sew a straight line along the edges as shown.


Step 2:
Turn the fabric tube inside out using any sharp objects. Usually I use my knitting needle. 
Step 3:
Press the tube flat and the fabric tube is ready. 

Procedure to make rose
Step 1:
The method is same as used to make roses from satin ribbons.
  1. Hold the fabric as shown in the picture.
  2. Fold the ends left and right alternatively.
  3. Holb the fabric tube firmly and pull only one end of the fabic tube, till you get the shape of the rose.

Step 2:
Cut the remaining fabic tube. Knot it with the matching thread.

Step 3:
  1. To make stem, cut the wire to the required length.
  2. Tie the wire, with the rose using the matching thread.
  3. Wrap the green tape around the wire.

Now the rose is ready to decorate your vase

This rose can be used in many ways. They can used in the neck line in girls tops, to decorate hair clips and so on...You creative ladies will find more to do with this roses.

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