Friday, June 17, 2011

Stencils for fabric painting-Tutorial

Hi friends, I am back with a fun project. If your kids love colors then they would really enjoy doing this.

Things required:

  • OHP sheet
  • OHP marker
  • Punch machine
  • fabric colors
  • sponge
  • Scissors or cutter
  • Dress material for printing

Step 1:
Draw any simple design in a white paper and trace it in the OHP sheet using OHP marker. I have chosen the traditional mango design. We are going to make holes using punch machine, so mark the points where we have to make holes. The holes must be at even distance, so take care while marking the points. 


Step 2:
Make holes using the punching machine along the points marked. 

 Leave some space around the design and cut it.

Your stencil is now ready for painting...

step 3:
Take the required color, load the sponge piece with the color.

Step 4:
Keep the stencil over the cloth, hold it firmly and apply the color slowly over the stencil.

Step 5:
Carefully remove the stencil, you can see the design painted in the cloth.

  • Remove starch from the cloth before painting.
  • Try it once or twice in a waste cloth before painting it in your dress material
  • Take care while making holes, if the holes are placed very near or very far then, the design will not be clear.
  • Always take adequte amount of paint. If not the design will be spoiled. This is what happened to me.

  • You can also try with two colors like this

  • You can use this method to decorate greeting cards, pot etc
I made top for my daughter with this material.
She was very happy to wear this, since she painted it.

 Hope you like this. Thanks very much for your comments and support.
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  1. How sweet your little one looks dressed up in your creation!
    Very well written tutorial

  2. Nice tutorial. Will surely try it out. My DD likes to get her hands dirty with paint. So she would love to try this out. The top is so pretty!

  3. This is a great idea! You are very creative! I am your newest follower from the hop and would love it if you could please follow me back when you get a chance.

  4. That's Neat and simple stencil to create art on fabric. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Following from Boost my blog. This is so cute.

  6. Adorable! What a great idea! Found you at the Build My Blog blog hop and am glad I did, am a happy new follower :)

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    I hope you visit me and return the

  8. Thank you for sharing. This is a great blog. I love your work and your embroidery, your are very good at. Take care of this little beauty who seem in an other world in this lovely dress!!!
    Thak you!

  9. what a great idea!!

    Hello! newest follower on GFC!
    Following from the Monday Mingle hop!
    Would love for you to stop by and follow back and say hello!

  10. Ah very sweet! Love it! I haven't tried fabric painting yet... but do want to give it a go!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty, was lovely to have you stop by!


  11. I love this tutorial, very clever!!

  12. Such a fun idea! I have never seen anything like it! Beautiful! I found you over at KdBuggie and I love your blog! I am your newest follower and would love to have to stop by our blog and follow back if you want!
    Camille @

  13. great tutorial! you have an awesome blog! I am visiting from the hop! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would follow me back! thanks so much!

  14. nice and neat tutorial for stenciling and making fabric roses.Kavin's painting is also wonderful.Thanks for sharing.

  15. Hi there- found you through the Handmade Tuesday hop and am a new follower. I love this project- and for your daughter to have a hand in making it! Wonderful. I hope you have time to follow my life in South Africa by

    Have a great week!

  16. what a fun and creative idea! thanks for sharing this with us. hope you have a lovely weekend!

  17. thanks for sharing this creative and fun project! hope you have a lovely weekend!

  18. Found you on Tea Rose home. can you tell me more about the OHP paper that you made your stencil from? Following your blog now and looking forward to seeing what you share.
    Stop by if you have time.

  19. Beautiful work.. Such fun idea

  20. oh thats lovely!! Sure looks easy to do too.. Wow!! Thank you for linking in this to the weekend wrap up!!

  21. Killer idea for covering stains! My sons seems to ruin all his clothes! I would love it if you shared this with WorkShop Wednesday. It would be a great addition to the party!

  22. Hey Thendral,

    I love your tutorial on making your own stencils. This can be useful for so many things, and I appreciate you sharing. Your daughters dress turned out so cute!!

    Thanks so much for linking up to my party :)
    I loved this so much, I featured you girl!
    Come grab a button girl, and display it proudly!

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