Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ghagra choli

Some of you will be suprised if you come to know that, I stitched this dress from the material remained after stitching my churidhar. If we take some care while cutting the churidhar material, then we can use the remaining material to stitch frock or skirt or top for kids.(If you are too thin then, more material will be remaining). Lace or some stone work or embroidery can be used to make the dress look rich. I have stitched many dresses like this. I'll try to post them. While designing for kids always have the paper pattern, then the work will become more easier.
The pattern is very simple. I have just done a patch work in the top and added sequence.

On going project- Top and skirt

Another top and skirt for my daughter. I have just started working on the top. Since it is vacation time and I am a bit busy with guests, I cannot tell you when I'll certainly finish the job. Then I have to stitch it. This is the skirt material.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Yellow and orange -My first machine embroidery

I designed this skirt and top for my daughter. This is the first time I am doing machine embroidery. I designed it, in such a way that, the design doesn't have much curves, so it will be easy for me.( My daughter is disturbing me a lot... she wants to type.... I am spelling letter by letter and she is typing). Usually I will use the same color embroidery threads,as the fabric color or I will use the colors printed in the fabric. Here I used yellow color threads, stones, beads. The bright color, pattern and the type of the material(skrink material) attracted me . I think the material suits well for skirts rather than salwar. The top is made with orange color silk cotten material.
The top....

Another closer view of the bead works in the top...

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fancy hem stitch

I have a chance to visit Sharon b's website. It is very interesting to take the challenge TAST-2010. Since I love embroidery, it is very thrilling to try the stitches. Those who are interested can have a look by clicking the following link

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cute bird

This is my first showcase piece made up of white cement.
 My daughter helped me in making the stems, fruits and the pebbles around the tree.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Skirt & tops

This is the long skirt and top designed for my cousin. This is the first time i am designing for her. Usually i stitch only for my daughter. Small sizes are easy, we can complete it soon either embroidering or stitching. But this dress, I completed in fast track, in one day.

On her Birthday

This is my daughter's birthday dress. I am always attracted to Embroidery from my childhood days. It is the thing which impresses me a lot. When  i see a stitch then i would start thinking how could i implement it in my own designs. Embroidery with stones, beads, sequence make wonders. I have done many such before but at that time i was not blogging. Now i had an opportunity to post this .This is the first time I am using metallic threads and the stitches are simple chain stitch. The borders are with zig- zag stitch and detached chain stitch. One of my friend,  Jayashree Radha gifted this silk skirt material to my daughter. you can see the matching kundhan jewelry ... yes I made it for her.