Monday, July 19, 2010

Buttonhole wheel cup stitch

It was very interesting to work this week's TAST stitches. I worked many samples. This is the first one made with cone thread.

 Then I  tried a smaller one, in orange color. And then purple color.

Then I thought of making this.

This stitch suited well for the centre part of the flower. I have used beads at the centre, to make it look like pollens. I might have used black color beads instead for red color so they may look more natural. 


  1. wow!! lovely trials. Thanks for dropping by my blog. following you

  2. Its happy to see a comment immediately. Thank you.

  3. wow
    Nice idea.
    The work look very pretty.

  4. Thendral,in all ur posts u r rocking.What a lovely beautiful works.Hats of u.

  5. Hi Thendral, I really like the way you have used the cup in the centre of the daisy. I also like your feather stitch...

    Thank you for visiting my blog...we hope the lemon tree lives but if not I have two limes trees. i just hope the bugs dont go to them.

  6. Thanks Thendral, glad you like the change to the basket.

    regards, shirley

  7. Forgot to mention I love the background on your blog

  8. My favourite is the red cup
    Each of your samples are lovely.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  9. This is really a wonderful sample.Good work.


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