Friday, August 20, 2010

Fruits & Vegtables

Last week, the weekend home work for my daughter is to stick five fruits and vegetables. My daughter is very much interested in cutting, pasting and painting. So instead of getting a chart and using the pictures, I thought of making it ourselves, by which I can make her happy. And we made this....

and this...

Really she was happy while doing this and she was also very proud of this. We used hand made papers. For some fruits we didn't get the accurate color paper, so we made it white color hand made paper and painted  using fabric colors and crayons.

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  1. Hi,
    nice idea and it is very educative and she will never forget..treasure the is always nice to work with kids...
    they come out very perfect..she will definitely beam with happiness when her work is different from others..:)

  2. wow..creative mommy and daughter...fruits look orginal...beautiful colouring

  3. What a fun project for mom and daughter. The fruits and vegetables look so attractive!

  4. This type of activities encourage creativity and make the studying more interesting. Nice work.

  5. Very useful fun project.I keep it in my mind.Thanks for sharing.

  6. these little fruits looks very original ...first time to ur blog ...u got beautiful space with a lot of lovely creations ...glad to visit ur blog
    if u get time do visit my blog


  7. vegetables and fruits looks original,good creative thinking

  8. wowwwwwww....awesome space you have here...hope I can have lots of creative ideas for my kids...Thanx for sharing dear.

    Do drop in at my space sometime..

  9. So creative!!!Tell her to keep those pages safe :)


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