Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tops with 3/4 pant.

       Hi friends, thank you very much for your lovely comments on the previous post, your words make me happy.      
       I have finished two sewing projects last week. Usually if I start doing any embroidery or embellishments, it takes time (even months and years) to complete it. So I kept it simple this time, so that I can finish it soon. The one I am sharing with you today, is the tops with  3/4 pant, the other one is the silk skirt and blouse. Now, have a look at this.
The tops...

The yoke part is made of tissue material. The skirt is some synthetic material. I used some matching lace in the yoke to decorate. It is front open, I've attached a rope to knot it.

Back view...

The pant...

It is cotton, pin tuck material. The color is somewhat pale, but it looks different here.


  1. Great going .......Must click it with a model......

  2. The dress and pant can make a pair. Very nicely done .

  3. finework dear.
    I am expecting your little one photo with the dress.

  4. Gorgeous! What a great job you've done.


  5. Beautiful work; I love design and materials, and I'm sure your daughter does too!

  6. Beautiful design with beautiful colors, excellent.

  7. That's really pretty! I bet your little girl loves wearing sparkly things. She's probably one of the most stylish kids in her school!

  8. Pretty dress. 3/4 pants are so comfy for tiny ots, lets them play with ease.

  9. You must have the best dressed little girl in town - you do marvelous work. Very nice!


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