Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shirred dress/top tutorial

Last week I made this shirred dress for my dd. You can make this in just half hour time. No draft... easy. I am sharing it with the photos, so that you can make one if you wish...

Take the fabric piece of breadth 40 inches(double the chest measurement) and length as you wish.

Hem the edge...

Fold the other edge twice and press. You can make a stitch over it if needed, but I have not.

Now, the shoulder straps...

Take a strip of cloth 4 inches wide and 18 inches long.
1. Fold it and stitch along the side.
2. you will get a fabric tube
3. Turn it inside out.
4. Press it.
5. Cut it in to two equal parts, the shoulder straps are ready.

Pin the shoulder straps to the dress (at the edge folded and pressed) as shown...

To attach the shoulder straps, fold the dress, mark 5 inches from the sides and pin the straps...Do the same for the back side also.

I have marked lines to make my stitches straight. I have stitched 5 lines from the top each 2 inches apart. you can decrease this to have more shirring.

Now load your bobbin with the bobbin elastic and first stitch the top most edge where we have attached the shoulder strap.

Stitch the other lines in the same way... Join the sides...
And the dress is ready to wear. Isn't it so simple?

* If you don't have enough cloth then you can cut two pieces, back and front.
But join them before you stitch the hem, to get a neat finish.

* You can reduce the length and make it as a top,to match legging or even a jeans pant

* You can add ruffles or laces to the hem to enhance its beauty.

*While shirring don't forget to back stitch  at the beginning and at the end to secure the stitches.

Hope I am clear with the steps, if not feel free to ask me ...
Next post will the banded yoke top tutorial, so keep watching...
Thanks for the lovely comments you give me.
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