Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Holiday Crafts

 This is one of the way to keep my daughter engaged during the summer holidays.

Materials required:
Hand made paper
card borad

Draw petal shape in chart paper or card board. Here I used old invitation card(recycling). You can draw a rectangle and convert it to a petal

 Draw and cut petals of three sizes, big, small, smaller... li

 Place the petals over the handmade paper draw the outline and cut the petals.

 Here  we have  6 petals in each size. You can cut as much as you wish more petals the flower is more denser.  

Take chart paper or card board, here, once again we used old invitation card.  Draw a circle and paste the big petals in the outer layer of the circle as  shown...

 Paste the small petals inside the circle. Then cut a brown color circle and paste at the middle to cover the empty space.

 Fold the green color paper as shown and draw the leaf, cut 2 or as you wish

 Cut a strip of paper, paste it as a stem. cut clouds in blue, bush in green color(its my daughter's idea). Paste the leaves, clouds, bushes in appropriate places. Cut strips of black paper and paste around the edges to make a frame. You can slightly twist the petals and leaves to make them more natural.
 Punch a hole and tie a ribbon, the flower is ready to decorate your wall.

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