Friday, November 28, 2014

Aari embroidery tutorial(links)

Wondering what is this... 
Hand Embroidery is my passion, I love to learn new techniques in it and this is my trail in Aari embroidery. I want to learn it but can't find time to go out, then I searched for tutorials in the net and tried something. The basic chain stitch is similar to crochet stitches, so it was easy for me to learn. Aari work needs a special frame but in the starting I used normal frame. After some trails I worked a simple design in my daughter's silk top.

You might have seen this  design with simple chain stitch  and some stone work in my daughter's birthday dress

Still learning it, waiting to find some time to learn the advance stitches...
If you want to try Aari work then you can refer here

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