Saturday, August 8, 2015

Palazzo pants for the girls...

Its long since I made something for my daughters. Something quick to make is palazzo pants  and I love them. I made with the same fabric for both the girls...

Both of them like it, so planned to make some more pants of this kind with variations. I also made one for me to match with my long kurti

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Kurta and dothi pants for boys

Though I have made some babyboy dresses, this is the first time I am making kurtha and dothi pants for boys. This is specially made for my nephew who celebrated his first birthday yesterday.  I want to make something in maroon and half white but since I had no time for fabric shopping, I used the fabric from my stash. I had a doubt whether it would look like boys outfit, but happy to hear from my sister that it look pretty on him.

I tried this pant on my younger daughter and extremely loved the way it look on her. Sure to make many dothi pants for her but my elder hates this too as other pants. She loves skirts... 
Material used: Brocade with cotton lining, soft cotton

Monday, March 23, 2015

Her birthday dress

The dress I made for daughter to wear on her special day, her birthday. Some may remember this fabric. It is the same fabric I used to make her sister's dress. Actually this is another version with the same combo. Another matching dress for the sisters.
  I was busy with some personal work and started working on this dress very late, so I kept it very simple. As per my daughter's wish it was a long (floor length) dress with velvet shrug. 

 Some more views of the dress.  Back...

without shrug...

The dress is incomplete without the matching accessories. So, here they are, the matching hair band...

Necklace and earrings

Excuse the  quality of the pictures. The dress is wrinkled. Our iron box is repair and not yet fixed.There are some lines in the back ground. They are not  lines, I cannot just call the creativity of my daughters as lines. Either, the walls has the paintings by my daughters or there is no good light for the pictures.

Happy sisters...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Some thing for me...

These days I go crazy on beads. Something for me...
Though I have made many necklace for my daughter, this is the first time I have made one, specially for me, in my favorite color. I love the way it looked on me and wish to make many such beauties...

Friday, January 30, 2015

DIY idea/reusing (sewing elastic band from pant to skirt)

Its almost more than a month, we didn't do any crafts or sewing. I have hard time managing my tiny tot, house hold chores, crafts, sewing, so something I can keep quite for some days is craft and a result no updates. Slowly started doing some work and hopefully, there will be more updates hereafter...

*This project is for those with sewing knowledge i.e those who know to sew a skirt already*
And for now, I have a DIY idea. Some sort of reusing. 
we use pants from knit fabric for the kids, some times the pants will be in good condition but cannot wear( we have some holes or torn while playing)...we can make use of such pants for this project and some coordinating fabric.It is a quick project and you can finish off in 1/2 hour.

You'll need
Elastic band from a pant(here it is knit fabric)

 And a coordinating fabric

Cut 4'' or 5''  from the elastic and discard the legs, we don't need them
 Measure the width of the elastic band. Take 3 times the coordinating fabric i.e
 width of the skirt fabric= 3Xwidth of the elastic band
             Here the width of the band is 20'', so the skirt width is 60"

Length of the skirt = length need - length of the elastic band. here length needed is 24", length= 24"- 5"(length of the elastic band)

Make pleats and sew like a normal skirt. Now attach the skirt part to the elastic band from the pant. The skirt is done. 

And my dd loves skirts...yes she loved this one too...
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Thursday, January 15, 2015

இனிய பொங்கல் திருநாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள் .

இந்த தை திருநாளில் உங்கள் இல்லங்களில் நிம்மதியும் மகிழ்ச்சியும் பொங்கட்டும்

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Terracotta jewellery making and baking - Tutorial

On seeing the beauty of the terracotta jewellery sets on the net, I wished to make one. Making a set is  easy for me but baking process is something difficult. Many said to bake it in an oven or kiln, I don't have either.

 One lady in a television program said to bake it in microwave oven. Hey... I have a microwave.
 So I made a jhumki  and pendant and  baked it in microwave... but it was a disaster, it busted. Then I keep on searching the net and finally got one tutorial.

 This time I kept the designs very simple since I am not sure about the out come. I don't want to waste my efforts. But  it was a success. It really worked and I made my first terracotta jewellery set.

 Thanks for the person who shared this. I can not find that link now but the tutorial in this link also uses same technique.
You can go here and check for the tutorial
Edited: All details about making, baking and painting terracotta jewellery is here....

I baked some small pendants and beads and made a necklace, earring, bracelet for my daughter and a jhumki for me. I love jhumkis...I like the way they dangle. Waiting to make many such lovely jewelries . 

Edited on 6/4/15
Another link for baking tutorial....