Friday, January 30, 2015

DIY idea/reusing (sewing elastic band from pant to skirt)

Its almost more than a month, we didn't do any crafts or sewing. I have hard time managing my tiny tot, house hold chores, crafts, sewing, so something I can keep quite for some days is craft and a result no updates. Slowly started doing some work and hopefully, there will be more updates hereafter...

*This project is for those with sewing knowledge i.e those who know to sew a skirt already*
And for now, I have a DIY idea. Some sort of reusing. 
we use pants from knit fabric for the kids, some times the pants will be in good condition but cannot wear( we have some holes or torn while playing)...we can make use of such pants for this project and some coordinating fabric.It is a quick project and you can finish off in 1/2 hour.

You'll need
Elastic band from a pant(here it is knit fabric)

 And a coordinating fabric

Cut 4'' or 5''  from the elastic and discard the legs, we don't need them
 Measure the width of the elastic band. Take 3 times the coordinating fabric i.e
 width of the skirt fabric= 3Xwidth of the elastic band
             Here the width of the band is 20'', so the skirt width is 60"

Length of the skirt = length need - length of the elastic band. here length needed is 24", length= 24"- 5"(length of the elastic band)

Make pleats and sew like a normal skirt. Now attach the skirt part to the elastic band from the pant. The skirt is done. 

And my dd loves skirts...yes she loved this one too...
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