Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thread box

Last week when I browsing, I found a tutorial for thread stand. I was badly in need of one such, to keep my threads organised. So I thought of trying it . We made a box(reusing a cardboard box) to hold the thread stand because stacking will be easy. Once again it was a fun activity for me and my daughter pasting and painting. This time I taught her dabble painting method. we used small sponge pieces to color the thermocol.

Then comes pasting .Very easy. No need of cutting, just tear it...

paste it...... decoupage.

After drying, give several coats of clear varnish to give a rich look and it also extend the life of the box.
Now, the box is ready to use

Before I stored the threads like this

and now.....

You can see the tutorial for thread stand here.
Jaleela kamal ,Thank you for sharing.

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