Thursday, September 16, 2010

Raised chain variations-TAST

Though I finished this three days before, only now I could post the pictures. As usual I am very.... late. Having seen many samples in the flicker group, I could not think any more than this. I was influenced by the circles, semi-circles (especially shirley's) and ended here .....

What to do with the space in the add some beads which matches with the thread.

Here comes another ....I thought of making a circle but it turned as oval so I completed it like this

this  too have some space in the centre, I may work some stitches later when my creativity boosts.
You can log in to pintangle to learn more about these stitches


  1. Very pretty woven trellis and raised chain design. Especially the oval one. viji

  2. All your work are very pretty.The oval one when turned upside down can be made a peacock:)

  3. hi its very nice... hats off to you... you can try out various stitches on the same stuff and make out a master piece....


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