Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tops for the jeans skirt

Now its time to have a look on the top...

It is a sleeveless top but has some frills as in the skirt. I made use of the jeans scraps to decorate the top with a flower and added some beads.

the top and the skirt together...

Thank you friends for your support and feedback. 
Your words boost me to create more, more and more...

The link to the skirt is here


  1. She looks adorable! Perfectly coordinated outfit. :)

  2. Great Dress Thendral......Your creations are amazing.

  3. Hi

    Its wonderful to see Kavin in this out fit. Use of jean cloth at the shoulder strap and flower of top make it a perfect fit for skirt....Moreover, the top adds credit to the skirt and Kavin looks so cute in this. Hats off to you for this wonderful creation. Keep creating......

  4. Great job Kavin.The skirt is amazing.Your daughter looks cute in the dress.Wonderful.Nice tops too.

  5. looking adorable..... perfect fit and wonderful dress.... great work ....

  6. Your sewing skills are amazing. I didnt even think for a moment that a top is on the way, when you posted abt the skirt. :-) looks very nice.

  7. nice work and Kavin ur looking very sweet

  8. Hi Thendral, The skirt and the tops look really good.
    You know something, I also saw the handbag made out of jeans tutorial in the web.
    But the jeans I had was so big that I dint want that big handbag.
    So I am planning to make it into a grocery bag :-).
    Really it is sturdy and for handles I can use the cloth of the leg part and attach it. :-)
    It will be useful I wont say it will be as pretty as you have done. :-)
    Good Job...

  9. Wow.. looks fantastic :) infact looks even better than the ready made clothes :)

  10. very nice tops thendral........


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