Monday, October 18, 2010

About the days spend in my native

Hi friends, this post is about the holidays we spend in my mother's home, so I have a lot to share with you. At times I would think about the things my daughter is missing in this city life, I want her enjoy the life in the village as we have enjoyed in our childhood. So when ever we get long holidays we would go to my mother's home. This time also we spent one week in my mother's home and another week in my in-laws home. My mother's home is in a village which is 17 km far form the city and very close to nature. It is similar to a farm house,surrounded by coconut trees.  My daughter had good time in her grand parents house.  She was more attracted  towards the calf which was two moths older. She  used run behind her.. talking to her, yes the calf  is a girl.

The cow(her name is kamachi) and her daughter(Meenakshi) with my daughter. She gives us the real whole, organic milk which is  rare to get in Chennai. I made milk sweet  for my daughter.

The coconut farm which  also has mango tree, amla and banana tree,  is the grazing land for the cows.

Touch me not plant with the flower..

The dragon fly...we used to play with them but my daughter is afraid of it.

 The custard apple....we also have lemon, pineapple, jack fruit, guava.

You can see the yellow flowers behind is  bitter gourd plant

The Jaathi malli (Jasmin ) plant...

Another thing my daughter misses in  Chennai is river.This river  runs very near to the home, it is the branch of the river Cauvery.  Her uncle(my brother) is taking her to the middle of the river. He swims well but I don't know swimming.

 The same river when it reaches the city, gets polluted and become unfit to bath.  

My brother is inside the water and holding her above...


We were happy, my parents were happy, my daughter was more happy because her brother(my sister's son) was there to play with her and above all my daughter's paatti and paatta (her great grand parents) were very happy to play with their great grand children. My daughter is tasting the milk sweet I prepared.


My daughter with her brother(old photo)

 After refreshing holidays, I am back to daily routine. Have to catch up  the blogs I am following.