Thursday, September 16, 2010

Woven trellis-TAST

I don't know why.. I had some difficulty in working this sitich. I made three flowers, but I am not satisfied. The samples in the flickr group are wonderful. I couldn't make it in the similar way, I am thinking of making it in some other thread but .....when?  check pintangle for tutorials


  1. Thendral, dont get disappointed..the stitch is like that especially if you are working with cone thread..the very thread is slippery
    stitch the basic bars tight..
    while you are weaving dont pull the working thread tight..this makes the basic vertical stiches distort and the shape of the petal looks bad..just pull the thread till the end of the last basic vertical bar..
    if you have problem in weaving to n fro continuously, bring down the needle through the fabric at the edges and bring up in the needle bit above and start weaving the next lane..
    if you are beginer try with anchor thread(all the 6 strands)..
    one of my orkut friend added the video tutorial..i am searching it since one hr but in vain..when i find will definitely pass the link..

    at last succeeded..they call it butterfly stitch..we call i t navar work..:)

  3. Lakshmi, I watched the video.. Long back I have worked it with anchor thread. I'll try to post the picture. I think with practice I can do better with the cone thread. Thank you a lot for the efforts you have taken to help me.

  4. hi its crazy wonderful flowers.... fine finishing adds beauty to it...

  5. I am in awe of your embroidery work! thanks for visiting me :)

  6. Lovely blog ...
    I like your blog Kavin

  7. its a beautiful blog..... i loved all your designs. all are amazing... keep it up .

  8. I like the shiny thread, at first I thought the designs were beaded. Lovely stitching!

  9. Thendral,
    All your works are excellent and Amazing. I was simply taken away by this blog. Great work.
    Keep it up.

  10. Thank you Jayashree. I am very much confident now that I can do more with the support of wonderful friends like you...


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