Monday, November 14, 2011

My little 'SUN'

 The children's week celebrations -
 the theme given was "Celestial buddies". I made this simple sun costume and a mask, using yellow chart, painted some orange color in it. I pasted some scraps to make it glitter...

The close up....

This too for the children's week celebrations...
a grandmother. 

Her teacher requested me to send her like a grandmother, she too was happy but embarrassed a little as her friends would call her 'Paati'. Later when her teacher appreciated, she was happy and had fun.
Thats what I really wanted...
I want her to be happy always.

Happy children's day


  1. wow...that loooks lovely... the sun costume looks stunning...beautiful work.. so nice to see cute little grandmother...

  2. These costumes are adorable and your daughter looks lovely in them. My favorite is the grandmother. :)

  3. lovely post... dat costumes were excellent... ur daughter is quite adorable...

    May God bless her... it just remained of my fancy dress competitions in school time...

    Thanks 4 sharing...

  4. wow! nice bright and sunny!

    The grandmother is adorable too!

  5. wow... lovely dress. Keep rocking... kavin is bright and charming in cute sun costume, but she is very serious in grandma costume....

  6. Oh both are so awesome!! Love the sunny costume!

  7. Aww so very cute. Love the sun costume.

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  8. wow very cute , small gran ma \
    looks very nice

  9. Both are awesome!
    Thanks for sharing at Show & Share!

  10. WOW! She looks so cute in that sari...

  11. your little sun is so bright here.she looks so cute in saree also.thanks for sharing.

  12. Your daughter is delightful in her costumes. My favourite is the grandmother.
    Such a serious look on her face :-)


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