Thursday, January 6, 2011

Do it yourself - Utility box

Again it is a box similar to thread box, but with some

1. You will need  a box ( I have used shoo box), 
some waste card boards, white gum.

2. If the corners are weak, secure it with cello tape.

3. Measure the height and width of the box and cut the
 card board such that
height=height of the box + 1 or 2 extra inches to paste at the bottom
width= width of the box

4. Just scratch along the line with scissors and fold it as shown.

5. Then cut the card board as shown.

6. Then fold the pieces back and front alternatively as shown.

7. Insert this card board in to the box and paste it. You can mark
the line where to fix it.

Need not worry much if it does not fits, just insert the card board into the box, if it does not fits then you can trim along the sides
and then check it again.

8. You can fix as many as you wish to make the rooms...
I have used here three.

9. Let it dry and paste the color papers. I have used collage method to
paste the papers. You can see it here .

Then, arrange your things as you wish...
I using this box to store my daughter's socks, kerchiefs,
hand towel, Id card....


  • If you want the compartments to be more strong then you can
paste the sides also, for this you should take extra inches in the width and fold it and paste as the bottom.

  •  You can also use the  papers from the magazines instead of color papers.

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  1. Nice little tute. i remember making similar boxes to store my earrings, hair accessories in my school days.

  2. This looks great!! Great idea and I love that it hardly cost anything. Thanks so much for linking it to my Organizing Mission Mondays link party!
    Hope to see you again on there...

  3. Hi... Its very nice art out of waste. The box had came out well. Its useful in arranging tiny things which would otherwise be difficult to find in a hurry.

  4. great idea...thank you for sharing

  5. It looks great and what a great way to recycle shoe boxes. Thanks for linking to We're Organized Wednesday.

  6. Hello! I was browsing around to find some great new people to join my linky parties, and I am now your newest follower! I would love for you to come join in and don't forget to enter my $250 giveaway while you are there!

  7. I love your beautiful box! Great idea for socks, hankies, soaps, jewlery or small toys, thank you for this idea and good tutorial!
    Greetings from the Netherlands, Mama Lieveheersbeestje.

  8. Thanks for linking up at!

    What a thrifty way to create some great storage!


  9. What a neat idea!

    check out a giveaway from skeldesign an etsy store that sells notepads that make organizing fun.

  10. nice tutorial with detailed explanation.thanks for sharing

  11. very much creative and best out of waste is really appreciable and admirable. great!!!!

  12. Nice one thendral... Very utilitarian..:)

  13. Gracias por el tutorial,una caja muy practica y organisada
    Sludos Mayte

  14. hi,
    how are you. the box is very nice.tutorial and explanation are very clear and beautiful.

  15. nice blog you have here with a lot of lovely ideas.

  16. Such an innovative project. Will come in very useful to crafters like me who hoard every knick knack!
    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V
    ENT Surgeon and Avid Crafter

  17. Happy to follow u...all ur works so creative..i love this DIY pjt very much...


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