Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tops for the jeans skirt

Now its time to have a look on the top...

It is a sleeveless top but has some frills as in the skirt. I made use of the jeans scraps to decorate the top with a flower and added some beads.

the top and the skirt together...

Thank you friends for your support and feedback. 
Your words boost me to create more, more and more...

The link to the skirt is here

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jeans skirt

I always love reusing. Once in a magazine I learnt about making hand bag from jeans. Having an idea to do so, I was  collecting  jeans from  my husband and brothers....but for hand bags I should attach zipper. I hate those zippers. Once I added zipper to the crochet bag(Do you remember else click here.), it was really very difficult to me. Even while making dresses I will always go for other options than zippers. So no hand bags, then what shall I do with those pants( cannot throw it because the efforts I took to preserve them are very great....keeping them very safe so that my husband never have a chance to look them...he call them  'clutters' and always ready to throw away). At last I made a  skirt for my daughter.

The draft I used is very simple A line pattern but used panels.

Along with the jeans, the other material is cotton(remaining material after stitching my salwar).
Cut the panels, join them. you can use the wrong side of the jeans if the color is faded.

To add frills at the end, cut straps....

    join them....

 hem it along one side....

 make pleats and attach to the skirt or directly make pleats while joining it to the skirt. I have used rolled hem and box pleat.  

Join the sides. Attach waist band. The skirt is now ready.
Zipper is suitable for A line skirt, but I have used elastic.

Embellish the skirt as you wish.

 I did some hand embroidery and added beads to improve its look.
Embroidery details......

I am also making a top for this skirt, it will be the next post.

The link to the top is here

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Woven trellis-TAST

I don't know why.. I had some difficulty in working this sitich. I made three flowers, but I am not satisfied. The samples in the flickr group are wonderful. I couldn't make it in the similar way, I am thinking of making it in some other thread but .....when?  check pintangle for tutorials

Raised chain variations-TAST

Though I finished this three days before, only now I could post the pictures. As usual I am very.... late. Having seen many samples in the flicker group, I could not think any more than this. I was influenced by the circles, semi-circles (especially shirley's) and ended here .....

What to do with the space in the add some beads which matches with the thread.

Here comes another ....I thought of making a circle but it turned as oval so I completed it like this

this  too have some space in the centre, I may work some stitches later when my creativity boosts.
You can log in to pintangle to learn more about these stitches

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thread box

Last week when I browsing, I found a tutorial for thread stand. I was badly in need of one such, to keep my threads organised. So I thought of trying it . We made a box(reusing a cardboard box) to hold the thread stand because stacking will be easy. Once again it was a fun activity for me and my daughter pasting and painting. This time I taught her dabble painting method. we used small sponge pieces to color the thermocol.

Then comes pasting .Very easy. No need of cutting, just tear it...

paste it...... decoupage.

After drying, give several coats of clear varnish to give a rich look and it also extend the life of the box.
Now, the box is ready to use

Before I stored the threads like this

and now.....

You can see the tutorial for thread stand here.
Jaleela kamal ,Thank you for sharing.

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